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"Because in the end, you won't remember the times you spent in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that mountain."
- Jack Kerouac



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Our Shoshone Memberships

Annual Subscription

$100.00 (YEARLY)

For only $100 billed yearly, our annual members will receive the following: Members-Only access to featured hunts, Member-Only first access to cancelled hunts, Members-Only first access to exclusive Shoshone Hunts, $250 your next adventure, 10% discount with B&B Taxidermy, one (1) Shoshone Hat, automatic entry into member-exclusive gear giveaways, exclusive access to coupons for Sitka Gear (while supplies last).

Americas Membership

$5,500.00 (ONE-TIME)

Unlock the thrill of the hunt with a lifetime membership to the world's premier big game consultants! Enjoy a 10% LIFETIME DISCOUNT on adrenaline-pumping adventures across Mexico, the "Lower 48", and the wilds of Central & South America. Your gateway to unforgettable experiences awaits!

Worldwide Membership

$12,500.00 (ONE-TIME)

Embrace the call of the wild with our exclusive membership to the finest international hunting consultants! Secure a 10% LIFETIME DISCOUNT on epic hunts spanning Canada, Alaska, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Let the adventure of a lifetime begin today!

The Shoshone Difference

It’s hard to find the right guide with the experience to lead you on the adventure you’re looking for. At Shoshone, we connect you to world-class outfitters and help you avoid the missteps of planning on your own...and we do this at no additional cost.

With over 30 years of experience, we've built a network of the best outfitters from around the globe that have served thousands of clients.

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30 years of excellence1000s of satisfied clientslong term outfitter relationships

Your time and money are too valuable to leave your next adventure up to an internet search.

Avoid the Missteps!
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Big Game Hunting is an experience that you don’t want to miss, with curated once-in-a-lifetime encounters in the most beautiful locales, the pursuit can be physically challenging, but the rewards are great.

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This is so much more than just fishing, it’s all-inclusive, curated and absolutely the best way to experience a fishing adventure.

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Trek through thousands of acres of marshlands as our world-class outfitters set you up for a perfect duck and dove hunt, or venture through the frozen tundra in search of something larger like muskox or caribou.

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Shoshone knows that adventure travel beckons the curious, the thrill-seeker, the boundary-pusher.  We curate specific adventures to meet those desires.

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Whether you're a family, a group of friends or a corporate gathering, Shoshone can connect you with the perfect outfitter for your group and give you the experience of a lifetime!

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Experience a lifetime of adventures when you explore the differing species found throughout the world offering endless opportunities.

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Shoshone Exclusive


Looking for something unique or different? Explore our list of Shoshone Exclusive hunts around the world that you can only find here! We work directly with select outfitters to create these specialty adventures that you won’t soon forget!

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How To Get Out There

Schedule a Consultation

We’ll meet with the purpose of understanding your goals for the adventure – from type of game, location, to the time of year.

We Coordinate
the Logistics

We’ll take care of the arrangements and connect you with the outfitter to make this a seamless experience, at no extra cost to you

Experience a
Shoshone Adventure

Whether it’s an elk hunt in beautiful Wyoming or a fly-out fishing adventure in Alaska this will be an adventure of a lifetime.

From Our Clients

" This hunt was one of the most enjoyable hunts/vacations I have ever been on. The accommodations were top notch and I gained 7 lbs if that says anything for the cook. We got 3 good animals the first day. The boys really enjoyed themselves as well as harvesting a nice buck for the wall. Thanks a lot for the help and we will be calling you soon. "

Jim H.
Whitetail Deer

" I am sending you a few pictures of the cougar I took on my hunt in January. I had a great hunt and can't thank you enough for recommending the outfitter. The cat's weight was 180 lbs, 7'9" long and green skull at 15". Thanks again. "

Tom G.
Predator Hunts

" I just wanted to thank you for your help in setting up my moose hunting trip. I though all aspects of the hunt were good including the amount of game, quality of horses, food, cabins and guides. "

Nick H.

" Thanks again for booking me another quality hunt. I had a great hunting experience and got a trophy bear. I look forward to booking more hunts with you in the years to come. "

Brown Bear

" Africa was outstanding! I got an Eland, Kudu, Gemsbok, Blesbok, Blue Wildebeest, Impala and Warthog...Thanks again for a great adventure. "

Jim R.
International Hunting Adventures

" I couldn't be happier with my first elk. Taking my first elk and doing it with a bow was even better. Everything about the hunt was great...I couldn't have been any happier with the whole experience...Absolutely wonderful trip. First rate. "

Allen P.
Rocky Mountain Elk

“My son and I recently went on a Shoshone adventure on the pacific coast of Costa Rica. Shoshone set us up with one of the best fishing experiences I can remember. We caught marlin, yellowfin tuna, and sailfish. Of particular note was the 600-pound blue marlin that has been etched in my memory forever. My nine-year-old son caught his first sailfish and told me it was one of the best days of his life. Thank you to Shoshone Adventure Consulting for arranging a trip we will never forget.”

Johnathan R.
Saltwater Fishing

From Our Clients

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Client Name
hunt type | location here

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