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30 years of experience, Shoshone has built a network of the best
outfitters, and our expert consultants search for the best deals
on hunts. When we find a special hunt or a limited-time deal, we
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Premier Custom & Luxury Hunting with Shoshone Adventures


Shoshone Adventures provides a white-glove treatment with our custom and luxury travel planning service. Want to visit multiple countries? Want to combine a sight seeing trip or luxury vacation with an outdoor adventure? Want help with hotels, flights, charters or transfers?
Shoshone’s Custom and Luxury Hunting Division can help.

Shoshone Adventures is the Premier Source for Custom and Exclusive Luxury Trip Planning. Our private and hand selected outfitters contain superb trophy class game. Our exclusive hunts are tailor-made for your individual needs. Our experienced guides will provide you with custom-tailored packages designed to ensure maximum success and safety during your hunt. We are prepared to help you locate the trophy class game you seek, while also providing the necessary equipment and guidance to make your hunt a rewarding experience.

Our all-inclusive packages for guests include accommodations, meals, and a dedicated team of experienced guides, ensuring that you have a safe and enjoyable journey. Our carefully hand-picked outfitters hunting grounds are located in some of the most beautiful remote areas of the world, allowing you to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you're looking to plan your first trip overseas or an experienced world
traveler, we can handle all the details! Let us help you experience some of the best luxury locations around the world.

Experience Hunting in Luxury

Our Custom & Luxury Hunting trips are planned to provide the ultimate in comfort and amenities, ensuring that all of your needs are taken care of. From plush lodges equipped with gourmet food and drinks to experienced guides who provide direction on the best places to hunt, you will find an unforgettable experience when you choose Shoshone Adventures as your Luxury Hunting Consultants.

If you’re planning to include a hunting or fishing excursion on our Custom and Luxury Adventure, you’ll be connected with the best professional hunters in the world. These are unforgettable experiences for those looking for an incredible adventure combined with unparalleled luxury services—all without having to worry about logistics or long travel times. All
details can be handled from arrival, transportation, lodging, meals, and field preparation of
trophies and transport of trophies to a local taxidermy.

Trophy Class Game

Shoshone Adventures opens the doors to the most prestigious luxury hunts available in the world.  We offer guided hunts in the most remote and scenic areas of North America, as well as trips abroad. With decades of expertise, Shoshone Adventures offers unparalleled customer service and unrivaled hunting experiences that epitomize luxury. If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime trophy hunt, look no further, you've found the source!

Private Charters

Shoshone Adventures Luxury Hunting Trips can arrange Private Charters for those seeking a truly unique and luxurious adventure. With private charters, you can access some of the most remote and secluded hunting grounds in North America, South America, Africa, and beyond. These trips also provide a unique way for individuals or groups of friends and family members to bond together while experiencing something special.

Luxury Yacht Charters

Shoshone Adventures invites you to experience the epitome of luxury charters offered worldwide for fishing or sight seeing. Embark on an unparalleled journey and unlock a world of prestige and opulence. on unforgettable guided fishing expeditions in the pristine and picturesque corners of North America and beyond. Our expertly curated trips ensure that you experience the wonders of remote locations while engaging in the art of angling. Shoshone Adventures delivers unparalleled customer service and unrivaled fishing experiences that are truly priceless. If you seek a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, look no further!

Resort Accommodations

Shoshone Adventures offers luxurious accommodations to those taking part in a Luxury Hunting, Fishing or African Safari. Enjoy first-class service from Shoshone Adventures with meals prepared by professional chefs using only the freshest ingredients. Rest in luxuriously appointed rooms with amenities such as spacious living rooms, fireplaces, private balconies, and full kitchens. With all these wonderful amenities, it’s no wonder why Shoshone Adventures is considered one of the premier providers of luxury hunting, fishing and African safari adventures!

Exclusive Hunting Access

With over 30 years of experience, Shoshone has built a network of the best luxury outfitters, and our expert consultants search for the best luxury hunts. We find and curate the most unique and special hunts on a limited-time basis giving our clients exclusive first access.


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