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A tur hunt in Azerbaijan will test what you’re made of, and I believe every mountain hunter should do one in their lifetime.

Peter Hunt

East Caucasian Tur, West Caucasian Tur, Mid Caucasian Tur

Hunting Caucasian Tur, a coveted trophy in the rugged Caucasus Mountains, is an adventure that combines physical challenge with the pursuit of three distinct subspecies: the East Caucasian (Dagestan) Tur, West Caucasian (Kuban) Tur, and the Mid-Caucasian Tur. These species, residing in the vast and diverse terrains of the Caucasus, offer hunters unique experiences tailored to each subspecies’ habitat and behavior.

The East Caucasian Tur, also known as the Dagestan Tur, inhabits the eastern Caucasus, particularly in Dagestan, Northern Ossetia, and Azerbaijan. This subspecies is recognized for its somewhat smaller body size compared to its relatives, with lyre-shaped horns that distinguish it from the others. The Dagestan Tur’s hunting grounds offer a somewhat easier hunting experience than that of the West Caucasian Tur .

The West Caucasian Tur, or Kuban Tur, resides in the western Caucasus, specifically in Russia and Abkhazia. It features a distinct chestnut coat with a yellow underbelly and darker legs. The horns of the West Caucasian Tur are scimitar-shaped with heavy ridging, making them a prized trophy. Hunting this subspecies is noted for its extreme difficulty due to the high elevations and steep terrain of its habitat, making the use of horses for hunting challenging .

The Mid-Caucasian Tur is a naturally occurring cross between the East and West Caucasian Turs, bearing horn characteristics that can closely resemble either parent subspecies or a blend of both. This crossbreed is only found in specific regions of Russia and presents hunters with a challenge as rigorous as that of the West Caucasian Tur .

Tur hunting is a demanding mountain hunting activity, requiring good physical condition and preparation. Hunts usually take place at altitudes between 2,500 to 4,000 meters (8,200-13,000 feet), where Tur are most active during the day, moving across the alpine belt according to seasonal changes . The season for hunting Tur typically extends from late May or early June until November, with mid-August to mid-October considered the best time for this pursuit .

A successful Tur hunt often involves spot-and-stalk strategies, with hunters having to ascend above the animals for a successful approach. Due to the unpredictable weather and the challenging terrain of the Caucasus, hunters might also need to be prepared for long-distance shots from uncomfortable positions  .

Hunting Tur not only offers an intense physical adventure but also an immersion into a region of unrivaled beauty and ancient local culture. The Caucasus Mountains, with their remote and impenetrable terrains, ensure that each Tur hunt is a memorable expedition, deeply cherished by those who undertake it .


Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

hunting season

July - December

Fishing season

type of hunt

Rifle, Archery

type of fishing



Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

hunting season

July - December

Fishing season

type of hunt

Rifle, Archery

type of fishing


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Azerbaijan East Caucasian (Dagestan) Tur Hunt

June 1st - November 30th

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Caucasus Mountains, Scheki, Azerbaijan


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