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“These mighty large creatures might seem fairly sedentary but their numbers have grown strong and steadily since re-introduction. They have proven their adaptability to varying habitat; moving among forested stands and meadows, alongside caribou and moose, to wandering hill-side, among mountain sheep. They are a formidable ungulate, and one of the most, among the prey animals in the Yukon. Their massive size and mass consumption of greens is not to be mistaken for sluggish or unresponsive carriage. Wood Bison are intelligent animals that are quick on their feet when needed. Their ability to outrun predators such as wolves or humans is unprecedented. These monumental animals could quickly leave you in the snow-dust as they purposefully trek their northern landscape in order to thrive.”

Sarah Stuecker

Woodland Bison (Bison bison athabascae)

Journey into the Wild with Shoshone Adventure Consulting for Woodland Bison Hunting

Embark on an extraordinary hunting adventure with Shoshone Adventure Consulting, targeting the majestic Woodland Bison. Distinct from their cousins, the Plains Bison, Woodland Bison are larger, with bulls typically weighing on average of 1,800 pounds but large males can reach up to 2,000 pounds or more, and standing taller at the shoulder. Their massive frame, shaggy dark brown coat, and pronounced hump give them an imposing presence, setting them apart in the bison family.

Hunting Woodland Bison is an immersive experience that requires strategic planning and a deep understanding of these giant creatures. Their habitat, primarily the boreal forests of Canada and parts of Alaska, presents unique challenges. These environments are denser and wetter, requiring hunters to adapt their techniques. Tracking in such terrains demands patience, resilience, and an acute awareness of the surroundings.

At Shoshone Adventure Consulting, our expert outfitters are experienced in navigating the dense forests and  woodland areas that are home to the Woodland Bison. We emphasize a respectful approach to hunting these magnificent animals, ensuring that each hunt is conducted ethically and sustainably.

Join us for a Woodland Bison hunt that is not just about the pursuit, but also about appreciating the grandeur of these animals and their natural habitat. With Shoshone Adventure Consulting, you'll embark on a journey that is as unforgettable as it is respectful to the legacy of one of North America's largest land mammals. Book your Woodland Bison hunt today for an adventure that combines thrilling hunting, wildlife conservation, and an unparalleled connection with nature.


Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, and Northwest Territories

hunting season

September - March

Fishing season

type of hunt

Rifle, Muzzleloader

type of fishing



Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, and Northwest Territories

hunting season

September - March

Fishing season

type of hunt

Rifle, Muzzleloader

type of fishing


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Northern Alberta Free-Range Woodland Bison Hunt

Winter: January - Mid March

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