Africa: The Ultimate Family Adventure Vacation

If you are looking for a family vacation and want to try something new, consider an African Safari for the whole family.   I know what you’re thinking, my wife isn’t into hunting.  Neither is mine.  The great thing about an African Safari is that there is something for everyone.  This trip is for anyone who enjoys travel, nature, experiencing new cultures and wildlife.  In the summer of 2022, I took my family to South Africa and Zimbabwe with two Shoshone Adventures Outfitters.  Given that Africa’s winter is our summer makes for a nice change of weather with cool temperatures in the morning and evening and perfect temps during the day. While you are hunting, you are constantly on a wildlife viewing safari.  We made our trip into a family adventure combining photo safari and hunting.  My wife and boys loved it.  We spent part or all of the day together on safari.   When my wife and younger son wanted some down time, they relaxed in camp and one day my wife even got a manicure and pedicure.  My wife was able to observe and photograph all the animals you would see on a photo safari while my boys and I were able to hunt and harvest 11 animals.  My home office is now decorated with the trophies my boys and I harvested and the photos of the many species my wife photographed.  

There is also lots of sights to see.  In addition to a hunting safari, you can do a true photographic safari and take in some of the many sights to see in Africa.  Many South African Outfitters are a relatively short drive to Krueger National Park where you can view the Big 5 in their natural environment. In Zimbabwe, you can pair your hunting safari with a trip to Victoria Falls.  Africa offers every conceivable combination you can think of from luxury lodges with to rustic safari style tent camps.  No matter where you go, you aren’t “roughing it.”  For about the cost per person of a western elk hunt, on a safari you can harvest multiple animals and enjoy the hunt up until the last possible moment.  There is always another potential trophy just around the corner.  For me, pursuing a Cape Buffalo is the greatest outdoor challenge I’ve encountered.  Observing the trackers track a particular buffalo for miles is an experience of a lifetime by itself.  

Travel is surprisingly easy and the outfitters are with you the entire time from landing at the airport through the return to the airport making the trip a breeze.  The service, accommodations, food and, of course, the hunting and wildlife viewing are superb.  I can’t say enough positive things about our experience and want everyone to be able to have this experience and share it with their family.

Shoshone has numerous outfitters in virtually every African country.  We can help you plan customize a safari to experience the best of African hunting in one or multiple countries.  Tell us what your dream hunt is and we can help make your dreams come true!

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