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For hunting enthusiasts, Argentina is a dream destination. It boasts of a diverse geography, from the Andes mountains to the Pampas grasslands, making it an ideal hunting location for various species of game. Argentina is renowned for its vast open landscapes and bountiful wildlife. At Shoshone Adventures, we strive to offer a personalized hunting experience to our guests. Our tours take us to locations such as Cordoba, Entre Rios, and Formosa. Each with their own unique hunting terrain and exquisite game that we will take you to chase.

If you're planning to take a hunting trip to Argentina, look no further than Shoshone Adventures. We specialize in providing hunting trips to the Argentine countryside, and our experienced guides will make sure you have the adventure of a lifetime. Read on to learn more about what makes our Argentina Hunting Trips so special.

A Wide Range of Hunting Excursions

Are you an adventurous hunter seeking an unforgettable experience in the countryside of Argentina? Look no further than Shoshone Adventures for the ultimate hunting trip! Shoshone Adventures offers a wide range of hunting excursions to suit every hunter's preference. Whether you're interested in dove hunting, duck hunting, or big game hunting, we have the perfect trip for you. Our excursions are designed to provide you with the best hunting experience, and we'll take you to the best hunting spots in Argentina. We also provide all the necessary equipment, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Our team of professional guides will lead you through the most pristine hunting grounds and offer their expertise to make sure you have the best experience possible. Our trips cater to all types of hunters, from those seeking to shoot doves, ducks, or big game. We are excited to help you plan the trip of a lifetime!

If you're a bird hunter, you'll appreciate the unmatched dove and pigeon hunting in Cordoba. Over 50 million doves reside here, making many hunts virtually a non-stop shooting activity. If you're a waterfowl pursuer, Entre Rios is the go-to location to catch exhilarating duck hunts. This destination offers a chance to hunt over water on weeks that coincide with the migrating season. Lastly, for those seeking the ultimate big game hunt, Formosa boasts one of the best destinations in Argentina. We will take you to hunt for water buffalo, red stag, peccary, puma, and many more.

The Adventure Begins in Buenos Aires

The starting point of your journey is Buenos Aires, the main destination for international flights to Argentina. We offer two options for hunting: driving to the vast pampas nearby where big herds of blackbuck and axis deer roam in free range, or driving to the rolling hills of Entre Rios province where we offer the best mixed bag bird hunting of the country, including the popular high volume dove shooting near Buenos Aires city.

Argentina offers fantastic mixed bag wingshooting experiences. You can hunt duck, Perdiz, and European hare over dogs, which will be unforgettable. Pigeon and Dove are the most famous bird hunting experiences in Argentina that offer them all together in the East side of Entre Rios province. This hunting paradise is located at a short distance of only two hours by car from Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. Guests are amazed by the proximity of this shooting paradise.

Argentina is renowned for having the best wingshooting in the world, particularly for bird shooting. While Córdoba province is well-known for this activity, other provinces like Entre Rios - which is much closer to Buenos Aires - offer unbeatable high-volume dove shooting throughout the year.

Hunters who enjoy Red Stag Hunting: We offer flights from a domestic airport in downtown Buenos Aires to the prime big game hunting regions of Argentina. These areas include La Pampa, which provides bush hunting, and Patagonia country, which offers mountain hunting. The free-range red stag found in these regions is of exceptional abundance and quality.

1909, red deer were introduced to the bush of the La Pampa province for the first time. They thrived in the environment and their population has grown significantly since then. Later, they were taken to the Patagonia mountains where they also found a suitable habitat. As a result, these two regions are now considered the best areas for red stag hunting in our country.

Around a century ago, several new big game species such as axis deer, blackbuck, fallow deer, water buffalo, Pere David's deer, wild boar, mouflon, wild goat, and multihorn ram were introduced in traditional big game hunting areas of Argentina.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Argentina Hunting Guides

Our guides are seasoned professionals who know the Argentine countryside like the back of their hands. They will take you to the best hunting areas and provide assistance whenever you need it. They're also knowledgeable about the hunting regulations in Argentina, ensuring that you're always following the rules. Your safety is their top priority, and they'll make sure you have a safe and enjoyable hunting trip.

Accommodation and Catering

At Shoshone Adventures, we understand the importance of having a comfortable place to stay and delicious food to eat during your hunting trip. That's why we provide top-notch accommodation and catering services. Our lodges are comfortable and located in scenic locations around Argentina, and our chefs prepare delicious meals using fresh, local ingredients. We believe that your hunting trip should be as comfortable as possible, so you can focus on enjoying the adventure.

Sustainability and Conservation

At Shoshone Adventures, we're committed to sustainability and conservation. We believe in preserving Argentina's wildlife and habitat, so that future generations can enjoy the same experiences we have. We follow responsible hunting practices and only hunt in areas where it's sustainable. We also support wildlife conservation initiatives in Argentina, and we encourage our hunters to do the same.

We take pride in offering subliminal hunting opportunities that guarantee a high return on investment. All scenarios are managed carefully and are sustainable for future generations to enjoy. Our guides use their knowledge of the terrain and animal behavior to give you a successful hunting trip in one of the best destinations in the world. You will leave Argentina with an incredible hunting memory that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Personalized Service

We understand that every hunter is different, and we strive to provide personalized service to each of our clients. We'll work with you to customize your Argentina hunting trip according to your preferences, so you can have the adventure of a lifetime. We take care of all the details, so you can focus on enjoying your trip.

We believe in giving our guests an all-inclusive experience, from the moment of arrival in Argentina until the time of departure. We provide accommodations, transportation, guides, equipment, and even sight-seeing activities. We promise to give you everything required to make your adventures with Shoshone Adventures comfortable and memorable.

Book Your Next Argentina Hunting Trip Today

If you're a hunter looking for an adventure of a lifetime, look no further than Shoshone Adventures. With our personalized hunting expeditions in Argentina, you're going to have an unforgettable time. Our wide range of excursions, experienced guides, top-notch accommodation and catering, commitment to sustainability and conservation, and personalized service make us the best choice for your next hunting trip. We are committed to providing you with all the essentials to make your experience complete, from pre-planning until final goodbyes. We offer bird, waterfowl, and big game hunting. Moreover, we aim to give back to nature by maintaining an ethical hunting ground. Contact us today to plan your next hunting excursion in Argentina and let's make your dreams come true.

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